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DIT services on all forms of commercial, promo and music production delivering safe and fast file and quality handling to make the Prodcution concentrate on more important areas. Phantom High speed camera operation from consulting in pre-production, to operating and managing the Prodcution and guiding in Post Prodcution.

Marcus “VASQUES” Osorio  (MAHVO) has been working as a DIT/Phantom Operator since 2008 since the beginning of S35 digital sensors. Bringing in the the first RED ONE build 8 into Scandinavia and running tests against 35mm film and Phantom GOLD.


Need help designing a seamless workflow from Preproduction, Prodcution and post Prodcution.

Handling workflows for all forms of Drama and Features of all budgets. Including a list of competent DIT’s to do the job and equipment to support the Prodcution needs. Even just simple consulting.


Camera operator to film your
Underwater production working tougher with Ocean Eye flexible housing and all depths (0-55m) and climates (Tropical to Artic).
If you are Intrested in learning how to SCUBA DIVE private courses can be arranged from Try-Dives to Open Water Technical diving to 55m.

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